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Our companies mission is to help people on their own journey. Whether it be the person who gets up at 5 am to go to work everyday, the stay at home mom, the person who can't leave the house because their anxiety/depression has taken over or the person who just likes the smoke. I hope sharing my journey will help and inspire others. I also want to be able to share my quality products to help along the way and to share with others how much Cannabis has helped my life. 

Very beneficial to cancer

patients​ since it helps gain 

appetite and help with nausea   

​Twisted Trees

My journey 

Benefits of


Helps ease

depression symptoms

​Bringing premium cannabis products to


Helps pain & inflammation linked to arthritis, Back pain, Etc

Has proven to help lower eye

pressure for patients with glaucoma 


Helps ease anxiety 

Hello my name is Alex Caudill.

I am originally from Kentucky. I visited California in April of 2016. I was sitting on the beach the second day I was here and thought to myself, "Im moving here, this feels like where I need to be." I started my venture to California in October of 2016. At this point in my life I had suffered much adversity. I have been type 1 Diabetic since july of 2006 which is a struggle in itself. When I was 12 my family and I were in a tragic car wreck as we were hit head on by a drunk driver. My 6 year old brother passed away. In April of 2016 a few weeks before I visited California for a "getaway", my 15 year old brother was killed. I needed a change, I wanted a change of scenery and a new path for myself with new opportunities. I was very depressed, my anxiety had taken over and my health was failing because I didn't care enough to take care of my diabetes. Of course a doctors first reaction is to offer medication. Anxiety medicine, anti-depression medicine, pain pills, basically anything to cover up my feelings. I took medication for a few months and I hated how it made me feel. I didn't feel like me. I knew before going to California that Marijuana was legal. I read up about it. I looked at all the benefits it has to offer and thought maybe it could help. A few weeks after I settled in I got my Medical Marijuana card. I tried out the "THC concentrates." Something that was very unfamiliar to me. It was a much easier concept than rolling up a joint, smoking out of a pipe or bong and with much less smell. A few days went by and I started to see a change in my mood. My anxiety started to subside. I actually felt like going out and doing things. I was starting to become excited about life again. I was looking into jobs, up and coming markets and something I kept seeing was "CANNABIS!" I have always been sort of a entrepreneur and I became very interested. After seeing how much Cannabis has helped me, and effected me in great ways I decided to start my journey to become a Cannabis business owner.